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DanSources is known for providing exemplary service to commercial and government entities for over 20 years. We are a small certified Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) headquartered in Rockville, MD. We have staff strategically place in several states to give our clients access to our professional services nationwide. Our experience and dedication to success has enabled us to give technology companies a competitive edge for more than twenty years by matching high-quality IT candidates with the best companies in the business.

DanSources provides the level of service and expertise you need, whether you're a small company, a medium-sized organization, or a large enterprise! We understand the importance of bringing together the right talent mix to propel your important projects forward. Our in-house methodologies allow us to attain, maintain and retain top talent.

  1. IT Engineering Technical Consulting and Staffing

  2. Mac and PC Repair and Upgrades

  3. Digital Marketing, Website, blogs and videos

  4. Internet, Intranet, Client/Server Development

  5. Office Technology Deployment

  6. Remote Office setup and support

  7. Cyber Security Consulting

  8. Information Assurance (IA)

  9. Cybersecurity 

  10. COTS Software Implementation

  11. Software Development and Implementation

  12. System Administration / Engineering

IT Services and Technical Government Contracting

For federal government agencies, state and local government, prime contractors and subcontractor, nonprofit organizations, colleges and universities, foreign government, small and large business enterprises -- IT Services contracting is no small matter. Every contract has its unique aspect steeped with its own language of procedures and protocols. For over 20-years, DanSources speaks the language of IT Services contracting. DanSources provides IT Technical services in the NAICS codes 56 Administrative and Support and 54 for Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services for programming and network service professionals.

DanSources has recently graduating from the 8A status, yet is still small business, a certified HUB zone, and Hispanic owned.

DanSources clients include: Rockville Chamber of Commerce, Cisco Systems, US Army, Lockheed Martin, SRA, EDS, Key Co., USDA, National Archives, TSA, DHS, US Coast Guard, Department of Defense, NSA, CIA, Department of Justice, Pentagon, DFAS, General Accountability Office, Department of Census, U.S. Department of Treasury, Department of the Mint

Business Solutions 

What are your pressing needs? How would you rate your office integration?

In every project, you want an expert driving the effort, not someone who wears too many hats. DanSources can give you more experts thinking about how to lead the way with timesaving experience, precision and ease.

Today, offices environments have more productivity software capability with fewer hands on deck to actually generate the productivity you need. At DanSources, you are treated with the utmost respect for your time -- with management oversight of all the details and budget from the start.

Website design and SEO using WordPress and Dreamweaver to develop ADA Compliant, CSS layout templates that are unique for branding and consistency of interface design as well SEO friendly.


Remote and on premise network configuration -- operate your business efficiently in a multi-office environment into as an integrated single entity system: Routers, servers, secure firewalls, remote access and security


Database Environment -- Microsoft Office Suite of product integration -- complex reports, forms, queries, data modeling, and easy access to database:Access, VBS, SQL, Crystal Reports, Excel, and Word

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